Discord is steadily becoming one of the most popular platforms for people to chat while playing games or watching live streams or doing other activities.

However, it is also worth noting that all of this happens on the internet which means that while you are having fun, Discord is consuming data and people have a limited amount of data on their hands.

So it is very important to understand how much data does Discord use and is it too much that you need to limit your time you spend on Discord.

How much data does Discord use?


While there is no real information available right now as to the amount of data consumed by Discord exactly is.

However, the good folks over at PC Strike have done a pretty interesting test which does mention how the platform consumes your data and their research is quite thorough so we do recommend you to read their test.

They used an application available for free known as GlassWire which helps you track all the activities that you do on the internet.

Through this application, they managed to tell us exactly what the amount of data being used by Discord is accurately and without any assumptions.

The tests they have done are so thorough that we can get an idea of the estimated data usage even after 24 hours.

Discord uses just 300KB of data after 5 minutes of Voice Chats

Yes, you read that right. Discord only uses about 300KB of data over a 5-minute voice chat session which is nothing compared to the data which gets used while listening to music over Spotify, YouTube, or any other platform.

Now, let us get to the more interesting part of this test which is a 3-hour long test on Discord for Voice Chats.

Discord uses just 20MB of data over a 3-hour long Voice Chat session

As we mentioned earlier, this one is the most staggering for us over at LaptopsMatter because of the incredibly low amount of data being used by Discord over 3 hours of Voice Chats.

However, it is mentioned in the test that only Voice Chats were done on no files were being uploaded or downloaded during this period.

So it is understood that if you are uploading or downloading files during the Voice Chats, you will have an increase in data usage.

But that depends on the type of files and the size of those files.

In a general scenario, only images are exchanged, and sometimes you may see some other files being exchanged but they should not be more than 100 to 150MB in size.

Therefore, we can safely say that Discord will only use about 200-250MB of data in that case while just 20MB will be used for Voice Chats.

Discord might only use 200MB of data over 24 hours for just Voice Chats

While the exact tests have not been done, it is safe to assume that if Discord is using 20MB data for 3-hour-long voice chats then it will use just 160MB of data for 24-hour-long Voice chats.

However, we are still going for the safe side to assume that around 200MB of data might be used by Discord over this period.

It is worth noting that even if we upload files or download them over a period of 24 hours, we can get away with the usage of around 500MB in a day.

That is something that most of us have on our hands because we do get 20-30GB of data every month and if Discord usage is such then we can use the remaining data for other purposes.

There are other ways to save data on Discord that you should definitely try which will help you reduce data usage even more.

For example, you can disable image previews for images larger than 10MB under the Discord settings.

This will help you prevent images larger than 10MB from getting downloaded automatically and you can only download if you need them.

You can also disable playing GIFs automatically inside Discord which is also a way to limit your data usage.

While GIFs are known to be lightweight, it is better to disable their download to save as much data as you can.

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